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Doing a Background Check?

Instantly check for criminal records and more


Whether you are hiring a new employee or trying to find out if your new relationship can be trusted, a background check always comes in handy and can be of vital importance for your own safety. Doing a background check is simple and all information you need is accessable through one and the same platform.

Can they be trusted?


Your Spouse

Suspicious of your (new) partner? A background check will tell you everything about their past. Find out about everything, from criminal records to social media activity


Your Employees

Not sure about an employee? Find out about their private life & possible criminal past to avoid trouble. If you're hiring, according to FCRA Employment law, you must run an FCRA certified background check.


Your Date

Met someone online? What do you REALLY know about them? Do the responsible thing, be safe before you meet someone in real life. Find out about any possible criminal past, sex offender registrations, relatives and much more


Your Friends

Suspect someone close to you in your social circle of suspicious behaviour? Find criminal records, phone numbers, contact information, property information and much more.

How a Background Check works

1. Enter their details

Enter their full name and (optionally) state to and hit the search button

2. Select the right person

Select the person you're looking for on our partner's website

3. Get report

Download the extensive backgroung report

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    “I needed a background check on a man who I met online. I'm glad I did as it showed me a shady past”

    Laura B.

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    “As an employer, we are legally required to investigate every new employee with a background check. ”

    Richard F.

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    “Background Checker has helped me find information about a friend who I suspected of stealing from my home.”

    Jeff K.

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